Get Wise with your media strategy

MediaWise, Inc., is a media relations consulting firm. We work with clients in the Greater Baltimore area to help them tell their stories through the media—newspapers, magazines, television, radio and Internet—to get the visibility they deserve.

The tools to tell your story. In this constantly changing media world, you need to be assured your message is getting to the right people, in the most effective way possible. MediaWise knows the best way to reach hundreds of reporters and editors so that they will pay attention to your story.

We connect you to the media players who matter. Media are inundated with story ideas, many of which aren’t applicable to the writer or the news outlet. At MediaWise, we take pride in making sure our clients’ messages are sent to the right person at the right media outlet, at the right time. We won’t waste your organization’s resources by sending a possible story idea to a news outlet just to say it’s been sent.

Everyone has a story. Make sure yours is a good one. We work with clients on identifying newsworthy stories. Without a good story and an equally articulate source or two, media won’t be interested in your idea. MediaWise works with clients to make sure their stories are clear, concise and worthy of a reporter’s attention. When the reporter is ready to pursue the story, MediaWise clients receive media preparation so the interview can be as good for the source as it is for the writer.

Results matter. MediaWise has helped numerous clients increase their visibility in the media. If your organization wants greater exposure in print, television, radio or on the Internet, contact MediaWise today.

Be Wise. Be MediaWise.